Visiting California’s Napa Valley? Yeah, there’s an App for that!

Posted on Sep 28, 2010

A little offbeat, but I thought I’d share news of this new iPhone application for visitors to the Napa Valley region of California. Dubbed ‘the official mobile visitor guide of the legendary Napa Valley’, the Visit Napa Valley iPhone App allows you to check out insider info, make bookings, take advantage of exclusive offers and more.

Visit Napa Valley iPhone App - Featured Listing

Wine-tourism is a big business, and different regions around the world are competing hard for your tourism dollar. With that in mind, the Napa Valley may now have a leg up (at least for now) on other regions due to this new app. Clay Gregory, president and CEO of the Napa Valley Destination Council commented on the launch:

“As more people rely on their mobile devices for every day activities, Visit Napa Valley is a very exciting way for active guests to interact with The Napa Valley and have fingertip access to comprehensive destination resources… Not only is it an invaluable tool for cultivating relationships with visitors, but it also allows our guests to conveniently explore The Legendary Napa Valley – through the discovery of real time events, exclusive special offers, interactive GPS-enabled maps and more.”

The app isn’t a push-over. There’s lots of good features inside, including:

  • Interactive GPS-Enabled Maps with wineries, hotels, restaurants, spas, attractions, etc. for easy navigation and selection while in the destination;
  • Up-to-the-second news featuring reports from the destination such as special wine tasting and culinary events, new restaurant openings, seasonal & cultural activities;
  • Exclusive Offers featuring a full listing of special offers and experiences;
  • A favorites section, where points of interest, preferred experiences and special offers can be conveniently saved and shared with friends;
  • Calendar of current and future events;
  • Weather Reports;
  • Virtual Location Feature to help visitors explore The Napa Valley’s various communities when planning their next trip from home.

For more information you can hit up the iTunes link below, or pop open the App Store on your iPhone and punch in ‘Visit Napa Valley’. If you’re visiting the region, it’s a must-have!

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